Question: First car accident?

I lost control of my car the other day,tbh I think it had to be the alignment.. Idk much about cars, all I know is I was driving & the wheel jerked 2 the side, so I tried jerking it the other way and hitting the brakes. it caused me to spin out and hit a parked car. I tried calling 911 the screen turn red, it said emergency call,then it hung up.during that time my ex boyfriend was calling me so I answered & told him I just hit a car & didn t know what to do, he told me to get my car off the road which I did, the owner of the car i hit followed me to my house & said I needed 2 get to a hospital right ex boyfriend also showed up at my house,exchanged information with the owner of the car & brought me 2 the hospital, after I got checked @ the hospital I went down to the police station 2 report the first they were trying 2 sayit was a hit and run but we explain to them that my priority was to go to the hospital and we did exchange information with the car was towed & is currently under investigation. even though I was sober at the time of the incident I believe there was an open bottle in my car..what kind of charges could I be facing? The owner of the car has chosen to not press any charges he was very kind and more concerned about my safety than anything. I live in Massachusetts where there is an open container law but I m not sure what kind of trouble I can get for it this is also my first ever car accident I ve had my license for almost 10 years


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