Question: Case Study in Process improvement help?

A sales organization has 2 offices located in NY & CT. All employees, in all the offices, use the same
system to manage leads. Each employee is assigned 10 sales leads they work with. When an employee is
terminated from their job, the sales leads owned by that employee, need to be reassigned to another
employee. NY office follows a different process to manage the reassignment of leads than the CT office.
In the NY office, the leads are held by the manager till a new employee joins the company to replace the
terminated employee. Once a new employee joins the company, the leads owned by the terminated
employee are assigned to the new employee. In the CT office, the leads owned by terminated employee
are distributed to the existing employees in the CT office.
Implement one process to manage the reassignment of leads for both offices.
1. Evaluate both processes and state which of the two processes is better and why? If neither of
the processes should be followed and a new process should be implemented, please provide a
reason to do so and make 1-2 recommendations for the new process.
2. Explain how you will implement the change(s) across all locations.
3. Explain how you will measure the impact of the recommended change.
1. Please note any assumptions you make


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