Question: Suing for equitable distribution of a trust.?

I collected on 2 IRA's (one quite sizable) my deceased brother named me as sole beneficiary. The rest of his estate went into a trust. Now my siblings are suing me as they want what I collected on the IRA's put into the trust so as for a more equitable

Question: What are some valid reasons to petition a Notice of Deficiency from the IRS? Is there a way to get this amount owed reduced?

I received a notice of Deficiency and am not sure how to proceed. Money is very tight these days and I was wondering if there is a way I can get this amount reduced? Or would they take payment plans? It's over $4,000. I'm wondering what kind of payment

Question: Real estate law question?

A and B own property as joint tenants with right of survivorship. B dies and in his will disposes of one-half of the joint tenancy property to his niece. The testamentary disposition is a. Ineffective b. Effective so long as it is an equal share c.

Question: My work gave out my phone number?

I had told a manager I had went to Modesto, CA to visit the doctor. I went to a family friend to check out my wrist. She called a hospital in Modesto, giving them my name and number. What should I do?

Question: Case Study in Process improvement help?

A sales organization has 2 offices located in NY & CT. All employees, in all the offices, use the same system to manage leads. Each employee is assigned 10 sales leads they work with. When an employee is terminated from their job, the sales leads owned by

Question: Survey - Do you think it was pretty stupid if people think like this?

Let's just say an undesirable person who has assaulted his own siblings and parents and being in trouble with the police for it (my eldest sibling) has attended a program that makes males metrosexual when parents took him there with teen siblings. But

Question: Can I adopt children or become a foster parent at the age of 19?

I'm 19 years old and am completely financially and emotionally stable. I turn 20 in August. I dropped out of school after 3 semesters of college, I'm single, but I live in a big home in Georgia with my 3 dogs. I have a career, own a company, a home, a

Question: Can owners of certain things deny freedom to us?

I am starting to wonder because there is a thing called "freedom of speech" where profanity can be used even on social media, but groups and items have owners. So, can the owner of certain things deny some freedom to us? a) yes b) no When you answer,

Question: Why do waiters feel they are entitled to a tip?

I know they usually make only $2.13, however, the employer is required, by law, to make up the difference if the wage after tips does not meet the minimum wage; So in actuality, waiters are making

Question: Kicked out of online school and being threatened with truancy?

Hello, I'm 16 years old and turn 17 in 5 months. I was attending online school and was kicked out and they're threatening to send me to truancy court. Since i was kicked out of the program can they actually do this? I'm trying to enroll in public school,

Question: Pet Insurance for dog witj shotgun pellets.?

Can a dog who has embedded shotgun pellets from a previous injury, although not a danger to health, so Im told , be insured. Im hoping to adopt one with this previous injury. It had been treated by a vet at the time but these pellets were left as not

Question: Is this considered sexual harassment?

Annie told Bella that Robert told her this "I got Bella pregnant". But Bella and Robert never had sex. And Robert never told Annie that. Annie said to Bella there was a Facebook account saying that "Bella is Pregnant with Robert's baby". That wasn't true

Question: First dui and second minor?

Last night I got a minor for drinking. This will be my second one. And I also got a dui but I wasn't driving I was sitting in my truck trying to sleep in it and wanted heat. I blew a .104 and they arrested me but they didn't read me my rights. What will

Question: 2nd job demanding to be primary?

I work as a federal mapping engineer and 2nd job as a meter maid, my second job demanded me to put them as priority and I told them no, that is not in my best interest and I will be facing the music this weekend. Should I resign before I get fired? I

Question: First car accident?

I lost control of my car the other day,tbh I think it had to be the alignment.. Idk much about cars, all I know is I was driving & the wheel jerked 2 the side, so I tried jerking it the other way and hitting the brakes. it caused me to spin out and hit a

Question: Craigslist help me understand the girls from CL!!!!?

if its so illegal to give money to girl for sex why is there so many girl on CL?? wouldnt they be arrested or CL would shut down that category???

Question: Can you get re-hired at a location after being fired?

I got fired at Starbucks last year around september about 8 months ago(?). Is it a Starbucks Policy to not re-hire terminated former workers? and if so; is there limitations or reasons? I got terminated for not being punctual. thank you.

Question: Please explain in layman's terms... "Irrevocable durable power of attorney coupled with an interest"?

A relative had explained that they're wanting to put the house in my name so that in case of their death the equity will go to me. But I'm super confused about what this form/phrase actually means, and confused why I'm only going to be 1% owner, and

Question: Why do Republicans, who profess to believe in God and His moral laws, refuse to accept foreigners into our land?

Leviticus 19:34 The foreigner residing among you must be treated as your native-born. Love them as yourself, for you were foreigners in Egypt. I am the LORD your God.

Question: Why does Obama, NSA, and the US government want to spy on a law abiding American born citizen like me?

Im a young american citizen, i go to school, im a god fearing man, im nice and treat others with kind, i never broke a law or hurt anyone in life, i couldnt even hurt a fly, no i dont interact or would ever interact with terrorists, i love my country more

Question: Are there better alternatives to College?

So I'm 23 and I don't have a college degree and was wondering if there was a better alternative route besides going to college and getting a degree with the nice debt that goes with it?

Question: Why are Mexicans are so fat, short and ugly and breed like rats?

I live in California and I want to bomb this place because of them...

Question: Why dont muslim countries help the muslims in syria?

I am talking about countries like the saudi royal king garbage, It is a joke that these countries actually claim they follow Islam, they actually support United States and Israel instead of their own muslims brothers like in Palestine,